About the brand amichibelle®

amichibelle® is a registered trademark from Norway, and offers clothing and useful accessorize for kids.

On a warm summer day in June 2009, the lucky charm amichibelle® was born in a beautiful birch grove in a forest. amichibelle® is kind, brave, happy and she brings joy and positivity on her way. You’ll find amichibelle® on useful clothing, adorable dresses and other must have products for sweet cuties. 

The origin of amichibelle®

amichibelle® was first drawn by hand out of pure inspiration in 2009 when a beautiful girl with light curls and lots of sunshine and energy was born. The drawing was made as a vector file and amichibelle® became a registered trademark i 2020. The name amichibelle® is based on the two words «amichi» which means «friend» in Corsican and the word «belle» which means beautiful in French.

amichibelle® –  a registered trademark

amichibelle® is a registered trademark with its registered trademark logo and design. The drawing and the logo files are protected and copyrighted. The property of amichibelle® cannot be reproduced, copied, or printed in any circumstances on any products or on any other materials without the prior and approval of the owner

License for usage

To request a license to use the registered trademark and design mark amichibelle®, please contact the licensing department. 

amichibelle® living rules
  • Do never lie or cheat
  • Do no exploit
  • Do no humiliate
  • Do not exclude others
  • Be kind and friendly to people, animals and to the environment
  • Be brave